Our Philosophy

Untrendi is a multi-brand slow fashion e-tailer, featuring designers and creators that share our values:

- A love for beautiful, quality clothing that fits perfectly

- A commitment to reduce the industry’s impact on climate change

- A dedication to ensure the safety and fair treatment of garment makers

We aim to honor the craftsmanship, skill and art that were at the core of fashion’s inception. Rather than follow trends, we believe in a curated wardrobe of classic, quality and timeless pieces that you’ll love to wear for many years. We believe in a wardrobe that reflects our values.

Through our platform, our goal is to create a community of like-minded consumers and creators so that together, we can continue building a more responsible and conscious fashion industry for the future.

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Transparency is crucial to us and with that comes the understanding that the relationship between sustainability and fashion isn’t static, it is ever evolving. We believe that we can all do our part in being part of that evolution.

Making informed purchasing decisions is the first step to building a wardrobe that you’re proud of, one that reflects what you care about the most and one that makes you feel like a citizen of the world first and consumer second.

To facilitate that decision making process while you’re browsing, and to encourage our brands to continue to lead with transparency, we have put together the list of value icons below. 

fair trade, happy garment makers

Happy garment makers

Garment makers are paid a fair wage and are working in safe conditions. No child labor, modern slavery or human trafficking.

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organic fabric clothing


Garment is made with organic fabrics composed of fibres that are grown without the use of any chemical pesticides and insecticides.

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brands that donate to charity

Donates to charity

Part of the proceeds of this brand’s sales are donated to a charity.

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cruelty free clothing and production

Cruelty free

None of the ingredients involved in this garment making process were tested on animals.

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recycled fabric clothing


Garment is made from at least 60% recycled materials or fibres.

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small scale production clothing

Small scale

This garment has been produced on a small scale (between 5-500 units), creating less textile waste than mass production.

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Low impact

At least 60% of the fabrics used were made using 50% less emissions and water

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Garment is made from at least 60% natural & renewable raw materials

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Meet The Founder

After living in Qatar for 4 years and previously in Algeria where I was born, I immigrated to Montreal, Canada with my family at 11 years old.

Fashion has always been prevalent in our family- I am a third-generation fashionista. I remember my grandmother, even at 90 years old, always looking put together from head to toe. I use to spend countless hours in her closet in awe of all her stunning silk dresses and hijabs. She only had a few pieces, but they lasted her for years and she took care of them like they were family heirlooms.

I pursued my studies in business and after graduating in 2009, I immediately started working for a Montreal based fashion brand. My goal was to move up as quickly as possible in the company, make a six-figure salary and reach ultimate happiness, or so I thought.  After a few years, my goals were met. Now what? I wasn’t particularly unhappy but wasn’t fulfilled either.

Going through the pandemic and seeing first-hand the negative impact that the fashion industry can have on the environment and garment markers around the world, it became evident to me that I wanted to be part of the solution.  I started by changing my own shopping habits. I stopped buying from fast fashion brands and reduced my consumption significantly. To this day, I only buy something when I really need it and when I do, I choose brands that share my sustainability values. What I realized as a consumer is that it was extremely difficult to do the research and to validate claims that brands were making.

This is when Untrendi was born. I wanted to create a single platform where other conscious fashionistas could easily find slow fashion brands and shop according to their values. I’m building a wardrobe that I’m truly proud of and love that brought me back to playing dress up in my grandmother’s closet. I’m hoping to give this same feeling to others through Untrendi.